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OMG this is a so simple game concept!
I love this idea so much !
Nice and simple

120 High

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Got a high score of 1555 then someone barged into my room ;~; but this game is kinda addicting-

Just got my current high score of 439! For such a simple concept I think you did a great job! Hope you continue to develop your game development skills and make more complex projects in the future!


Nice game, maybe some effects and particles to reinforce the feedback from removing the block.

By the way: some tips: when you put an HTML Unity game with the maxisize button, don't select the max button option in and of course, give enough space to the webGL unit, you lose the height by a few pixels.


My HIGHSCORE is 236. I love the glowing effect, this is a simple and a cool game. 7/10




Me encanto el juego, lastima no tengo un telefono para jugarlo pero...

Lo descargué para mi mini lapto personal.